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100% Not For Profit

We are very passionate about the planet. To do our part, we donate our time as volunteers as well contribute 100% of profits to charity.

50% of our profits will go to Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that campaigns to defend, conserve and protect the world’s oceans. The ocean environment is an intricately-balanced ecosystem designed to support and sustain marine wildlife. Sea Shepherd opposes the pollution of the fragile ecosystem through off-shore drilling and fisheries, as well as the destruction of coral reefs from trawling, and the loss of coastal nesting sites from commercial development. To truly thrive, they need safe sanctuaries to feed, mate and raise their young without pollution, destructive fishing gear, plastics and other marine debris that choke marine wildlife and destroy their habitats. 

We also intend to donate 50% of our profits to Lifeline Australia. We are are supporting Lifeline Australia instead of more environment charities because our mission is to practice kindness to everyone, starting with yourself.

Featured Eco-Friendly Products

Recent Reviews

Great products! Prefect starter kit; the soap nuts foam up great, and perfect for my daughters clothing as she has sensitive skin. I got the medium toothbrushes and they are perfect, not too stiff or soft. Water bottle is great and easy to clean. Coffee cup is great, good size and the natural colour is so nice. Everything just feels that extra bit great knowing that your helping out the environment and all the ocean life just by making these simple changes! Also awesome prices!!!

ClaireBe Kind Eco Starter Kit 3

Beautiful cup. Be kind was wonderful to purchase from. Quick delivery, outstanding customer service and just an all-round great company. Thank you

Stephanie GrahamJoco Coffee Cup Large 12Oz / Sandstone

Small but mighty! This fits easily in my bag/car/jacket pocket. Strong material, great design.

JessOnya Bulk Food Starter Kit

I love my Pargo! It’s great down the beach on those hot days where it keeps my water cool for ages. Also, some of the proceeds go to helping those in need get access to clean drinking water. So good!

Richard PepplerProject Pargo 950mL Insulated Water Bottle / Bone White

Awesome Product, Good service!!

Shubham BistBodecare Standard Bamboo Toothbrush 4 pack / 1-year supply

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Helping you make a difference, effortlessly

We understand that becoming more environmentally friendly can be overwhelming. 

There are so many ‘eco-friendly products’ out there that it’s impossible to choose. But making the choice to use sustainable products every day doesn’t have to be inconvenient or time-consuming.

At Be Kind Co we make it simple to reduce your plastic waste. We only offer a handful of carefully selected products, from the 7 highest impact categories.

So with just one small change, you can make a big difference.

Why be kind?

Beautifully clean oceans, teeming with life – that’s all everyone wants, right? We have bad news.

250 kgs of plastic is dumped into our oceans every minute of every day – that’s enough to fill your entire bedroom. 

And this plastic takes up to 1,000 years to degrade.

Created for kindness

We strongly believe that no one is unkind intentionally. We’re not here to judge.  We just want to make our planet beautiful again, just like it used to be. 

We’re here to educate and enable you to make a small change in your lifestyle that will have a huge impact.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being kind. To yourself, to others and to our planet. 

Start today.

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