Eco Pads Reusable Cloth Pads Starter Kit / Basic Range


All pads are made with antibacterial bamboo charcoal outer layers, hemp/organic cotton fleece absorbency, PUL lining, bamboo/cotton backing, cotton thread and KAM snaps.

The basic starter cloth pad kit includes:

  • 1 x liner pad
  • 1 x regular pad
  • 1 x night pad
  • 1 x double zipped pocket wet bag
  • 1 x instruction card

For every cloth pad you purchase, you help support girls’ and women’s educational, empowerment and environmental projects.

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Transparency and Ethos 

Basic Starter Kit

These pads have been ethically sourced from a town in China called Qing Dao from a company called Qingdao Tianhexiang Textile Co. We have been working with the manufacturers from the company for several months to ensure the ethical, work and environmental standards are unison with our values and ethos. Within this process, we have modified the design, composition and trialled the pads to ensure the highest of quality products for you. We have brought you this product to provide you with a product that can ensure an option for all different budget needs. We especially hope that this allows younger generations the opportunity to try out cloth pads.

How do you use a cloth pad? 

Your cloth pad is very simple to use, wash and care for. Simply rinse in cold water-an ice cream container with a lid works well to wash, drain and rinse off the pads, and then put into the washing machine. You can wash the cloth menstrual pad with any laundry or cloth nappies. If you only wash cloth pads every other day we recommend rinsing and changing the water in your container daily-especially in the hotter months.

We don’t recommend using fabric softeners as this will hinder the absorbency of the top cotton layer of the cloth pads. Also, don’t use bleaches as this will shorten the life span of your cloth pads. Adding salt or baking soda to the water or an oxygen based whitener will help with stains. The sun is fantastic at fading any stains as well. Cloth Pads can be put into a dryer but a cool to medium dryer cycle is recommended.

By following the wash and care information you can expect your cloth pad to last approximately 5 years – a very green alternative indeed!


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